A small,energetic,playful husky pup


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Background Information

when she was only a pup of 3 weeks old she was waiting for her mother to come back from a walk after she heard something she didn’t come back alone with her was a human girl around 9 years old she was lost and mammy would bring her back home in the morning the girl was really nice she cuddled with me when we slept and after that she came back every day with food and water.she played with us and i would ask mammy if i could go with Lilly to play or help her train we became really great friends one day lilly's mother told us about partners in the Inuzuka clan that was the moment we decided to become partners.

Personality & Behavior

she loves playing around and being energetic, loves sparring and training but don’t wake her up from her naps you will regret it she is also the voice of reason to lilly telling her when to stop or retreat she will take any fight serious and will protect Lilly with her life.


she is a pure white husky with grey blue eyes making her look like a ghost in dark places.









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