Time Alter: !FF Accel
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Jutsu Effects

Time is accelerated for all Organic beings within the dome/orb created by this technique. This means that effects such as natural healing are increased, but those inside will also age faster, move faster, speak faster, think faster and act faster. If under the influence of poison the person inside will also succumb faster to said poisoning. All Organic beings who are inside this dome for the first time will be overcome by a wave of nausea. The AoE of this dome has a 5 yard radius around the user, with the user at its center. The radius grows by 1 yard for each rank beyond C-Rank Shinobi. The dome itself is built of the same ethereal –like energy as the Time Wall, and as such allows for beings to freely move in and out of it.

Everyone inside the dome witnesses the passing of time outside the dome at a slowed down pace while the passing of time inside the dome is percieved to be perfectly normal. This means that someone unkown to the Technique may not even be aware of its effects.

Everyone standing outside the dome, looking inside the dome, will see all Organic beings inside move, talk, etc, at an accelerated pace. Which means that it’ll look like everyone inside the dome s moving like a blur, while words spoken by them are heard to be nothing but an incomprehensible string of syllables to all those standing outside the dome’s radius of effect.


Greatly speeds up the passing of time within a designated area.


Drains a large amount of chakra for each post in which it is maintained.

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