The Sepulchre Path
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The Sepulchre Path

Tomb; one of the shinigami clans "Path" techniques.

The utilization of the term path has nothing to do with what would be believed to be the coveted "paths" of the rinnegan - but a sanzou belief.The thought of a path is to reference the path that one must set themselves on in order to utilize said technique or what path using such a technique would inevitably put the user upon.

This branch of techniques deals with the clan's ability to handle the dead. Their connection to the other worldly beings similar to what's referred to and seen in techniques like the bringer of darkness technique in particular, the Shinigami themselves. This path gives its followers the ability to connect with the being the clan holds a summoning contract with known as wraiths. When a member of the clan decides to take this path they are granted a contract with a set of wraiths. This allows them to summon these beings in combat at the cost of some chakra and their own blood. They can command these beings to perform attacks and whatever corresponding jutsu the wraith may possess. They can even bind these beings to locations with a specific seal in order to set traps or bind them to specific objects to be triggered when activated.

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