Team Takuza
EnglishTeam Takuza
Basic Information
LeadersTakuza Uchiha
MembersYasu Hatake


Dante Hyuga
Team Jutsu

Team Takuza is consists of their Team leader being a Jounin known as Takuza Uchiha, his squad consisting of three Genin which are known as Yasu Hatake, Akira, and Dante Hyuga. Even if they they are all more well rounded on working on their own, the squad has learned to work as a team on several occasions. Not only that, but this squad alone being mostly feared as it consists of two powerful Dojutsus. Dante consisting of the Byakugan and Takuza consisted of the Sharingan. Akira is to be identified as the the water specialist of the squad, and Yasu is considered the thinker. Together the squad seemed perfect in terms of team work.


Team Takuza has still yet to grow fully, but they have learned to work together on several occasions especially on their first meet up.


Team Takuza does not have a specific uniform, the members are allowed to wear what ever attire they desire as Takuza himself doesn't mind what they wear.


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