Scorch Release: Sword of the Immortal Emperor
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Jutsu History

This Jutsu was developed by the second Hokage, Ikeru Senju, when he was eighteen years old and formed a summoning contract with the Phoenix. Under Guidance of the legendary creature, Ikeru was taught how to harnass the power of Scorch Release through his sword which is a transformed state of the creature. Where a normal sword would've been melted or even reduced to ash, the Phoenix Blade remains untarnished as it 'rebirths' any damage it sustains due to the regenerative powers of the Phoenix.

This Jutsu was specifically made to counter water based techniques by allowing the user to continously feed chakra into the layer of Scorch Release coating the blade; causing the water it comes into contact with to evaporate while the layer remains at its immensely high temperature. Much unlike the solitary floating orbs created by Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder that could dissipate after being hit with strong enough water techniques. The reason for that being that water techniques strip away the heat from the orbs which causes them to evaporate. By directly and continously feeding chakra into the Sword of the Immortal Emperor technique, there is said to be not a Water Jutsu ever created that can quench its heat.

Jutsu Effects

Surrounds the Phoenix Blade in a dense layer of Scorch Release chakra that can be maintained by feeding more chakra into it; allowing it to negate nearly every water Ninjutsu by making the bodies of water evaporate upon direct contact while producing more heat than can be absorbed by anything less than a truely titanic amount of water; but even in such a scenario the Jutsu would only be limited from being used at its full potential. The Jutsu will only extinguish without the user willing it so when the user runs out of Chakra; which has never happened before.

With every stab and cut the Sword of the Immortal emperor releases a next-to-invisible slash of cutting wind, composed of thermal heat, that travels out at high speed and spreads out over a wide distance. By feeding more chakra into the technique the user can amplify this effect up to a point where the thermal heat becomes visible as a distortion travelling through air at high speed.

What is perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of this technique is its capability to cut through nearly any form of chakra, even Genjutsu and Fuinjutsu, unless the concentration of chakra in the targetted source of chakra is higher than that around the Phoenix Blade.

-Upon activation the Jutsu forms a ring of Kanji around the hilt that spell out "From ashes are we born into this world, as ashes shall we depart from it."


*Releases thermal heat with each swing

*Can cut through chakra-made substances


*Can only be used together with the Phoenix Blade

*Is possibly lethal to nearby allies.

*Continuous use of water techniques will somewhat limit this technique's effectiveness.

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