Moeru Tekken

Weapon description

They appear as bracelets at first, but when activated, they cover his hands and forearms gauntlets, acting as arm guards. The gauntlets have a charcoal grey finish with red accents. The gauntlets' offensive function seems to be rooted in creating pulses of raw chakra this happens when chakra is flowing through its physique.

Weapon history

The weapon itself was designed by Junko in order to amplify his use of nin-taijutsu to a much higher level. Amongst all the other students in his black smithing school, he was the first to conceive such a device. It utilizes mechanics from various weapons most notably that of a puppet and its ability to be concealed or collapsed into a more compact form. This led to the creation of the weapon known as Moeru Tekken (Burning Iron fist). The body of the weapon consist of a set of special wood and lightweight metal that absorbs the user’s chakra characteristics and exhibits power based on the user’s technique.

Weapon Creator

Junko Suzuki

Approved by Jae-Sama