Kinshi Senju
Basic Information
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BirthdayMay 15th
Weight148 lb.
Personal Information

Senju Senju Clan

Kekkei Genkai

Wood Release Wood Release


Konohagakure Konohagakure

Shinobi RankJōnin
Academy Grad. Age7
Chūnin Prom. Age10
Jōnin Prom. AgeNovice Jōnin
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  • 16
Father: Ikeru Senju; Alive. Mother: Momo Senju; deceased.
Nature Type
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Unique Traits
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Kinshi (千手禁止 Senju Kinshi) is a kunoichi located within the village hidden within leaf village. She is the daughter of the current Hokage of Konohagakure and best friend of Zeshin Namikaze. Deemed as the representative, Kinshi is the face and value of both the Senju clan and the daughter of the Hokage, within battle and outside it—In hopes that she will fulfill the goals he has before. By the choice of her father's words, Kinshi is the ‘heart’ of the Senju and Konohagakure. It was later in her life, that she revealed her true name "Yurara" (冬桜 Literally meaning ‘Winter cherry blossom’); to foreign Shinobi, Adonis.

Background Information

Ice. Pure white. Cold. Snowy and foggy. A winter in the middle of spring. Under the power of the current Hokage, Ikeru Senju and his wife, Momo Senju, both expected a child—Birth within the unforgivable winter of Konohagakure, the heart of the Senju was blessed and cursed by a single girl. At the price of the mother’s life force, Momo Senju gave birth to a beautiful healthy child whom she named “Yurara (冬桜 ‘Winter cherry blossom’)”—A child whom would not suffer the illness or sickness from the mother, a mother whom gave most of her life for her beloved child. Causing a little conflict to the father, he wished for a boy and as the mother wished for a daughter, this caused a bit of a harsh uprising for Yurara as she was a female and political that could be a massive problem—Upon age five, Yurara was no longer addressed by her name and was addressed by her middle name ‘Kinshi’. Taught by the hands of her father, she learned composure and calmness and by the hands of her slowly dying mother, she learned forgiveness and understanding; the feeling of losing a loved one—Forcing a change upon her, a fear of losing those she loves or a fear of being alone.

With age and upon joining the academy, it appeared Kinshi had never gotten over her mother’s death and thus found herself in a mist of depression—Composed with a smile and withdrawn with her true emotions, however she did stand out by attempting to please her father’s nasty and harsh standards, attempting to be perfect in almost every way. Despite how loving her father was, he desired her to understand her place as Senju and the daughter of the Hokage, so if one day he was gone, she would be ready to know her job—Often, it was assumed even her father felt a heavy amount of depression, as knowing the burden for his daughter. A child not being a child, not seeking help, not knowing when enough was enough for her and always hard on herself,  she ended up having a conflict with an older boy whom was happy-go-lucky—Turning into a physical confrontation, the boy did not fight back but simply used his words and mentally causing Kinshi to shut down. Later this boy, Zashin, became her best friend and even gained the approval of her father, becoming both her teammate and best friend—A friend she played with and opened up to, awhile keeping completely concealed to the world.

After the Academy



Being considerably the youngest Chuunin at age ten, Kinshi was forced by her father to the mountains to train until six months before her seventeenth birthday.

Tension within the wind; the group of evil

It was talk among the Jōnin and ANBU, about this group that were kidnapping children and forming them to fight for them. As a Jōnin, herself, Kinshi Senju had the benefit of learning about these things and also was told to sign up for the mission, that she was going to be needed.. This mission was also told to her by Keldran, whom wasn’t sure how he felt about it in terms of his safety—This later caused Kinshi to ask around about these things involving, such as even try to understand what details were missing, thus causing her to sign up, and her father placing her on Team Black.

An hour before the formation of Team Black, the Hokage and Kinshi met up in a personal meeting within his office, as her father, Ikeru made sure to tell her information that may have been counted as insignificant to shinobi that failed to take note into true details and possibilities—This was out of an act of a father held to a warlord, making sure his daughter had everything in mind to be a successful warlord like himself. Ikeru also scolded her for not taking training in a kenjutsu art, scolding her once more upon after this mission, saying he would find someone suitable to train her in Kenjutsu; he did not desire his bloodline to hold failure—In the end, one could say Ikeru was actually trying to be a father and did care about the life of his daughter. Dismissing her upon the closure of the details, no love was as exchanged besides that of a proud nod.

ARC; Black Route

“I remember... It was almost like a dream.. That day.. The sky was painted in a peach, the sun fleeing beyond the mountains—The soft breeze made the day seem promising.. But.. It was truly the voice of the mountains asking me to return... The breeze was truly.. And simply was calling forthe souls that would be lost that day..”

Team Black, Kinshi was the team leader, she was accompanied Kei Uchiha, Hitomi Hyūga and Tsukikiba Inuzuka, with his pup, Hoshitsume Inuzuka—They were the last squad to leave the village, the most promising one it seemed. With her heart seeking the safety of the members of Team Kinshi, the fragments of her heart were determined to protect those around her. After giving the team the expectations she expected, from giving her name to even explaining they may have to kill those that are innocent to protect that of Konohagakure—She didn’t want them to kill, she didn’t expect that, she simply desired them to use their best judgement in the situation and with that. They departed.

Through the forest, a forest that held itself as a familiar ally that could easily turn into a foe, it appeared that day it was not going to be the case as Team Black approached the cliff side of a ‘castle’, the information of such a place was were the foe was suppose to be held—From the words of her father, from the words of her friends and to the words of herself, she was nervous, but she could do this; not just because she had to, but she must: The enemy of Konohagakure, was the enemy of her. Changing from this nervous mess, Kinshi was to live up to her expectations, even though, she said she changed, and she did, she was going to live beyond those expectations, her expectations.

Team Black advanced into an entry point that held itself to different types of technology as a door, scanning each Shinobi that passed through—Reaching the inside, Team Black advanced in deeper to be greeted by robotic structures that appeared to be made out of human life, the appearance of nightmare experiments and someone playing god, atleast in her mindset. These abominations were frozen behind glass cages with the look of dismay and a resolve to escape, to where Kinshi was a sensory-nin, she used the abilities of Kei’s Sharingan to spot anything around them that may catch >them off-guard; to her dismay, he confirmed the robots appeared to be much like self-functioning puppets, in which, she feared that. She also ordered them to locate an exit if possible, awhile reassuring Hitomi she would be okay, that no matter what, Kinshi would protect her—Upon this very moment, it appeared the shit really was about to hit the fan.

As a mistaken voice held friendly, asking for help—Kinshi turned to address the issue and commanding her team to not fall for the trickery, the very moment this happened, team Black was attacked. Claiming the life of the Inuzuka brothers, awhile Kinshi jumped upward to cling to the ceiling—She was left to witness the abilities of both Kei Uchiha and Hitomi, whom protected themselves as Kinshi failed to protect Inuzuka due the fact it was those two if she tried to save them would cause herself to be entangled and cause both Hitomi and Kei to be as a lose—Thus ending in mission failure. Simply, these three bots were taken down by both Kei and Hitomi, leaving Kinshi impressed and proud that they had that ability to protect themselves, so if Kinshi was to leave them to their own, she wouldn’t have to worry as bad—As this moment was short lived, upon the very moment she tried to get a status, it appeared thousands more seemed to wanted to join the party.

Being both annoyed and displeased at the loss of two members of the party, Kinshi snapped and actually used foul-mouthed language that was unbecoming of a ‘Prince’—Calling forth a forest, Kinshi entangled those sleeping and those whom dared to attack Team Black. From the ceilings to the walls and the floors, a forest formed crushing, squeezing and grabbing the robotic puppets, this caused a moment of weakness in Kinshi, as she used a jutsu beyond her abilities and a hiden of her clan’s wood release, which caused her to ask Kei to cover everything she failed to do, as a combo, Kei burned down this forest and rendered everything into ashes—As a protector, Hitomi made sure Kinshi had the ability to catch her breath, protecting her from the limbs falling around them and above them. Due to the building being made out of metal, it was almost like an oven, and inwhich, they were being baked by the heat—Upon a good breath, Kinshi grabbed Hitomi and ran after Kei, which both were greeted by a single robot whom clapped at the power of both Kinshi and Kei.

A human being held embedded with technology, this cyborg appeared to be nothing more than an egoistic joke—Allowing not a word to be said to her, as he killed two of her teammates, Kinshi tossed a time paper bomb and used a water jutsu held in her stomach to later cancel out a fire jutsu within a scroll. Beyond this cyborg was a puppet user whom summoned birds to attack the group, by using the water produced from Kinshi’s body, Hitomi used water needle to dismiss all these birds. As return fire, Kinshi grabbed Hitomi, remembering that it’s never good to stay in one place, which to this advice, both dodged a lightning jutsu that could’ve killed Kinshi due to her watery nature. Forming a plan, Team Black was unable to go into the room, which Kei made a point on, which caused a gear to click within her mind—They didn’t want to go into the room...

As a means of battle, these two seemingly powerful Shinobi were no match for the skill and teamwork of Team Black—Signing themselves up for death, after dodging each attack from these foes. Kinshi used the last bit of chakra to summoned a forest within the room, using both her sensory abilities to aid in range, but her intelligence to form the perfect plan. Kei followed up with fire jutsu, which ended in the life of both ninja, and the puppets—Joining them in Black Route, she saw the familiar face of Lil’B whom was held hurt, which to both pleasure and pain, she was happy to see him and heartbroken to see the pain he was in. However, even though he was in pain, he helped Kinshi in fleeing the hallway that was breaking down due to all the damage they did—Heading back to the way he came from. Hopefully meeting up with both Ded Lee and Keldran.

ARC; Red Route

Held to a single moment of peace, the elevator that held both a tired Kei and Kinshi, with Hitomi, Ari and Lil’B—They were held a single minute of rest that allowed them to eat the food offered to them by Hitomi, the support for this whole ordeal, a girl whom actually lost more than Kinshi realized. Finishing the food, Kinshi accepted the fact that both Kei and herself were on low chakra and held to be ready for the worst—Changing up her combat style or mindset just for the moment, she felt the peaceful aura around her changed to a sweat and blood filled war-aura, they were approaching a fray. Hyping herself, she found herself adjusting her gloves, cleaning her mouth and shaking her head to wake herself—Sore and tired, Kinshi didn’t mind it, that was merely a warm up it seemed. Where everyone, atleast herself, had a heartwarming moment, to where she saw a familiar face named lil’B, she was ready to protect those team Black and Team Kinshi—But to her dismay.

As they reached the floor, the Route of Team Red, the doors that opened revealed the most gruesome hallway—Where Team Black simply burned everything down and didn’t have a struggle, it was the opposite for everyone before her eyes. Laying around in pain, Genin were found bleeding, broken or simply passed out—Not spotting Keldran and Ded Lee, Kinshi’s heart was misplaced, she had to be a ninja over an emotional wreck, but she was going to live to her promise and vow. Changing gears once again, the sweethearted Kinshi was dismissed as she took on a roll like her father almost—Ordering Lil’B, Hitomi and Ari to stay back and help everyone, she looked down at Yasu as she past her, giving her words to keep fighting.

Within the distance, she felt importance, the familiar signature of those close to her, those she adored and wanted to protect, giving her life meaning and a reason to be.. Herself and not someone else—Not someone her father wanted her to be. After giving orders to Kei, she dashed forward with Kei, down a destroyed and bloody hallway—Feeling pressured, she almost ran into her death and in-which, Kei waved her by means of advice. Within the same instance, she realized that Lil’B had actually ran after the two, which caused her to scoop him up with a quickness, as she sought protection from the ceiling—As she dodged this, almost in the same instance, she was greeted by Yasu awhile putting B down. Offered a few items, one being a chakra pill that she needed, she took her eyes off B for a moment to see him opening his gates and going to assault the creature that she questioned to fight or not—As Kei used this as a distraction, he ran into the boss-room were Kinshi stuffed all these things into her punch and ran after him, jumping from the ceiling.

Injecting herself with a shot of adrenaline, she placed felt in lil’b, assuming that he could handle himself despite being grabbed by this creature that tried to attack them—Held to the boosting effects that coursed through her body, she entered the final room to spot Ded Lee and Keldran breaking their limits and taking on a ninja that was beyond her level and limits. Upon this, she noticed Kei planting into the ground, desiring to protect him first and placing faith within those two as well, she grabbed Kei and fled him to safety out of the room, hoping that Lil’B took care of the monster—As Kinshi got to the doorway, she turned to spot the defeat of the shinobi, but something different happened, something a bit more weird.

The slain body that had been defeated by both Keldran and Ded Lee had smoke raising—Placing Kei down, against the doorway frame, she gave her attention to the events unfolding. As this body formed, she noticed something familiar within the clothing pattern of the clothes, the power of this person was way beyond that of Kinshi and on level with her father—She wasn’t sure was to expect, but as she stared upon this.. Male. He let out a loud laugh and words, he stole bodies and took this whole event as a game, a mere game—He had issues. Rushing back into the room, Kinshi had the impulse to protect both a fallen Keldran and Ded Lee, by as soon as she came close, the white haired male disappeared, his chakra signature completely disappearing out of thin-air. A puppeteer..? No.. A shinobi who stole bodies. A sick joke for Konohagakure to deal with..? Unlike the jokes she encountered, this one was off the walls, and she would have to remember that.

This was going to be something she was to converse with her father about, but before she even had the time to keep this in mind, she made a wood clones to grab whatever shinobi whom could not walk—As she grabbed Ded Lee, Keldran and Kei, having both the drugs and strength to support their weight. She was going to remember this day, this person, his voice and his chakra signature—Rushing back to Konohagakure, the clones of Kinshi and herself carried as many Genin as possible, awhile her heart was burdened by wanting to save Keldran and Ded Lee.

Arc; The aftermath

Reaching the gates of Konohagakure, Kinshi was confronted and greeted by a group of medical nin—Placing each shinobi down, she offered each one forward as each clone dismissed themselves. Confronted by an ANBU member known as the Turtle Mask, he questioned her about what she saw, but she blew him off—Concerned for the safety and health of Ded Lee and Keldran, she was told by a medical nin as they got to the hospital that both had high amount of drug within their system. From chakra pills to adrenaline shots, which caused them to go into a coma—To her dismay, she grabbed the medical-nin and squeezed his clothes asking if they were going to make a recovery, if they were going to be okay, did she fail them..? Being eased off the medical nin by the aid of a few shinobi that was nearby, she was told they would make a recovery and if anything, she could be proud and that she could be use to these things, but he mumbled that in fear that he would be in a bed next to the two. As a term of good news, Lil’B was making a recovery, which caused Kinshi not have an emotional break down—However, she kept her distance from him as a means to stop him and anyone seeing the emotional wreckage Kinshi was becoming.

From day to day, Kinshi stayed within the hospital and could’ve been spotted brightening the flowers—As a side project, she sent salamanders, hawks and whatever she could order around by usage of friendly shinobi, to find the fragments of Keldran’s katana. Ignoring her job as a ninja, she was placed in a state of depression, feeling like a failure as their sensei—However, she was proud and tried not to blame herself. After a month of wait, Kinshi was told the two would be making a recovery any day now, so she wrote a note about how proud she was, and happy about their recovery—And she was sorry for not being around, that she would be located in the mountains and she’d have to catch them another time.

After giving her report to the Hokage, Kinshi packed her things for the mountains and upon her leaving the gates, she was confronted by Ded Lee, whom asked to come with her—After a few moments of giving her reason and logic, he said he wanted to learn Ninjutsu and she got soft-hearted and allowed him, however, he would have to wait a week as he wasn’t fully recovered. After this week, the two of them ventured to the mountains.

Year & Half; Time-skip

It was abit of the same experience re-lived, however, the difference was she has company—Agreeing to aid Ded lee in ninjutsu, without getting clearance with her father or the life within the mountains. For a good year, Kinshi trained for ‘wood release’ along with helping Ded Lee with his ‘fire release’—Along with improving their relationship for the time they were up there. To the dismay of wildlife within the forest, Ded Lee was unable to go within the cave that led to a deeper part of the forest, within the center of the mountains—Greeted by Sei, the spirit animal of Kinshi whom is familiar with ‘life’ and commonly related to that of ‘life’, Sei forced Ded Lee to sleep near the cave for a week until Kinshi sweet talked the spirit into allowing him within the forest. After this week, Kinshi showed Ded lee the things she learned awhile she was here, along with telling him about the crystals and flowers around them—As well helping him learn about his first element.

As the second week rolled in, Kinshi began her training in the hidden techinque known as ‘Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees’, she also did strength training, speed training and Taijutsu training—Even controlling sensory ability to a more defined thing, along with her chakra control to an extend. As the third week came in, Kinshi focused more on helping Ded Lee and due to her not having his element, they ventured around the forest to find a life force, or a spirit animal that had the ability to teach Ded Lee about fire.

Within a few months, the hardwork between the two started to show, however, Ded Lee kinda burned down some of the forest—Which was later repaired by Kinshi, and the efforts of Sei. Expecing a scolding, Ded Lee feared for his life, but was greeted by Sei’s wise words and told him that things happened, for his inexperience and not meaning to cause such a mistake, this later being used as a lesson of what happens when someone is careless—Due this event, Kinshi had lightly avoided Ded Lee awhile trying to repair the forest. Later found by him, he offered to help and unable to stay mad, along with Sei’s influence, Ded lee and Kinshi planted a tree together and she gave him a lesson about how her Wood release works with her—This also caused Kinshi to share a kiss with Ded Lee, which caused other events to unfold. He even found out, that day tomorrow is her birthday, but she didn’t see the point of them anymore—In which, she’d be eighteen, and on the day of her birth, that day became special to her due to the attempts of Ded Lee.

Months from there, Kinshi had got a letter from Seika and as forced to depart from Ded Lee whom choose to stay in the months—Rushing down and back to Konohagakure alot earlier than she desired, she confronted Seika, whom started to break down before Kinshi. Seika was comforted and asked what had happened, to Kinshi’s dismay, she was told that her one of her sister’s were abducted and she didn’t know who to turn to—Leaving the village together, Kinshi borrowed one of Moushi’s hawks, who was of the ROOT. Locating the area, the two were confront by a group of ninja that attacked on the spot, awhile another ninja grabbed the sister and tried to get away—As a means of fighting, trying to take care of the massive group, Kinshi told Seika to ignore them and she’ll take care of them, saying that Seika should recover her sister; departing of Kinshi, she summoned a forest to block them from rushing after Seika. After a good moment of battle, Kinshi caught up with Seika whom was holding the dead body of her own sister, crying and screaming of her failure to protect her own blood—Her family. After a good few moments taking to comfort Seika, Kinshi took the body into her arms and they departed back to Konohagakure—Where Seika was sent home and Kinshi was confronted by Kaylee, whom asked Kinshi if she was alright.

As to where Kinshi felt like a failure to Seika, she also tried to be there for her, along with accepting the idea of training Kaylee with Earth Release—Whom later annoyed Kinshi about how she never looked like a female, but always some tomboy and she lacked the ability to be elegant. This caused Kinshi to get a new haircut, along with new attire which changed into a dress—Along with Kinshi acting like a true Senju Princess to prove Kaylee was wrong, which also later, improved their friendship. Kinshi was later hit by news of death from Kaylee—Appearing that Kinshi’s house in the middle of the night, she sought out Kinshi as comfort, telling Kinshi in tears that her mother and father had passed away and she didn’t know who to come to. Which caused Kaylee to have a massive break down, which was comforted by Kinshi’s warm-heart and allowed Kaylee to stay the night. Which caused Kaylee to be like a little sister to Kinshi, to each Kaylee got helped with not only training, but helping with her family business.

Aside from these depressive events, one day after playing with Kaylee, Kinshi came back to her home to see many pieces of Keldran’s katana to be back—Not knowing anything about Black Steel, she sought her father for advice as he was more fluent in weaponry, as a means of failure to get fatherly advice, Kinshi took it upon herself to goto the Fuma clan. Which was considered a horrible idea that she was going to do one way or another, getting her ass kicked or not—However, needing the permission of the Fuma to mess with the Black Steel as it was a signature of them. Later that day, she approached the Head house of the Fuma clan and was greeted by a massive man whom was later called Godric and the father of Keldran—Making a good bond with Kinshi, he learned the truth of why Kinshi went out of her way for Keldran. Being more than just a student, but a friend as well, a friend she didn’t serve and wanted to protect, he was also a role model to her—To her dismay, Godric accepted Kinshi with an open heart and taught her how to deal with Black Steel and even helping her with making it by offering tips, he later became like a father figure to Kinshi. On that same night, Kinshi sent a later to Keldran about his katana—Awhile for a straight week or two, she made attempts of repairing the blade for when Keldran returned.

Keeping herself busy, Kinshi has managed to become a better friend, learned how to be a better smith, learned that her father will never be a father and that Godric basically became her adoptive-father.

Personality & Behavior

From first glance, Kinshi appears as a stoic and expressionless female—Holding no regard for another’s emotions or feelings; brutally honest nature. Quite the mature and composed individual holding a practical approach to life—Leading her to be a stern girl, who often, if not always, spoke bluntly about most topics, even not so much ever sugar-coating facts or the matter at hand. Despite this cold and stern nature, she was always reasonable, remaining naturally calm and level-headed in most situations. Responsible, she seems rather strict and straight-forward—Not allowing herself to get blinded or hindered by emotion or petty attachment, despite any relationship she had or has, she hold herself addressing each person with the suitable and proper honorifics.  It’s stated by Zashin that due to platter her father has placed under her, being the representative of the Hokage and Senju clan, behind this posture and composure, she is stressed to the point she becomes so consumed by these responsibilities which behind close doors, she becomes so ruthless and monstrous to herself—Often picking at her appearance, mentality and incompletions compared to her father’s stature.

Indepth, beyond the glance and out of the political; inblind sight of her father and within the ‘closet’ doors—Spoken by few who know the truth, Kinshi is truly a soft-hearted girl with a determined spirit who is overcome by severe depression. Lacking social skills on a casual and friendly level, Kinshi is subject to being reserved, timid and undoubtedly shy, which is caused by her militant self, even casually, Kinshi has found herself so withdrawn and burdened by the weight she carries that it’s almost impossible to smile and show any emotion due to fearing a backlash—Struggling to be herself, behind this nature, she is truly just an emotional wreckage that is slowly breaking down. By fact, she loves her village, people and fellow ninja more than her own self, even those who are not even related to their factor—Despite her militant and political standpoint, she would rather try to talk things out and not cause unneeded pain or death, even though, she was taught to crush their enemies where they stand to avoid backlash. As a downside to this, she is ripped between the views of her father and her own, along with her clan and villager views—Causing her to often stress to the point, always stress to the point she feels like she is choking. She is far from narrow minded, and often accepts everyone for their flaws or faults, attempting to aid them or make them a better person—Just because they have killed a person, doesn’t mean they are completely damned, as she believes some people just need the right person to change, however, within that, she will have to do what she must.

Within her world, she cannot do this and she cannot do that—Each rule and every step just breaking her bit by bit.. Hiding this side from everyone, Kinshi is a time bomb emotionally and mentality. Due to her depression, she can be rather suicidal or rather, careless to the point she can’t find herself eating—Often blocking all friendship and relations, due to be the hollow shell her father wishes of her. It was said or assume, when her mother died, she sought after the complete approval of her father in fear of losing him to or him leaving her—She also had this fear for Zashin, as he was her only friend and helped when she stressed, he often disagreeing with how she is treated as a figure and not a human being. Another way for this fear to show, is by being overly protective of both her father and friends, normally instantly getting hostile. Clashing with views of her father and some others, she hates the idea of having to kill others, the idea of children having to fight in wars and so many other things, despite herself having to go through them all—Ironically, she dislikes fighting, but can be seen tossing her clanmate around to make her father proud or when people get in the way of her duty and job. Due to the standards she is so scarred by, she does get a bit hostile and/or dishonest(Despite being a horridly honest person.) about her feelings, health or well being, normally stating just because it would hurt them doesn't mean it'll faze her, sometimes even being so ruthless that fights break out, which is exampled by a few friends—Thus, it's always let to be believed that she is so caught up in her Father's shadow, she can't show these things, even though, these make her 'human' and a more respectable person. On bad days or when someone states their luck, Kinshi has made the habit of showing her strength and power, using them as an example for others who dare speak so disrespectfully upon her.

When Kinshi was younger, she had alot of things she did enjoy and possibly still does—Rain, music, conversation, games and so many other things. Before hitting Chuunin, Kinshi was often see picking flowers, exploring and making friendships, singing and dancing—She loved to play tag and play within the rain, often times getting into alot of trouble. Her favorite things in the world was books, poems and being with her friends, she enjoyed the little things in life and always tried to make everyone’s day.


Adoring abnormally long hair much like her mother, Kinshi’s hair is kept normally wrapped-tied up somehow, normally with long bangs over one eye—Tying her hair up into a ponytail, it’s normally knotted to shorten the length, as her father and mother always adored her long hair. Another abnormality at birth, her hair has a colorful shine to it, forcing huge amounts of confusion on what color her hair is, as this colorful shine is expressed by mood and when heavy amount of chakra are released, the color of her hair changes based on elemental. In actuality, her hair is silver highlighted with a snowy white base color-mixture.

Framed by an hour glass, still stand at five feet with a few inches to add—Kinshi is a blessed body in both glow and appearance. Aqua-lit, she has the eyes of her mother as well as other features such as. A lightly kissed ivory flame with soft pink-rosy lips and a slight babyface. Her causal wear for a ninja is a form of simple black-short cut top and loose-ninja pants. Though, due to her stand in society she can be caught in many fancy attires.


Physical prowess: Based on just raw physical, Kinshi has the core and potential of being a very powerful ninja some day.. And undoubtedly become one so long as she keeps on the right road—As an egoistic nature of her father, a rumor spread that even without ninjutsu, basing on just her physical talent, Kinshi could easily wipe the floors with most ninja within the leaf. Beyond the natural strength and health of the human body, Kinshi was always known for physically being strong, fast and energetic—As a younger girl, she was still physically stronger than most of her classmates at the time, fast enough to play tag with Zashin and energetic that could barely be rivaled by her own clan. Just raw physical alone, she has been able to cut through a person by using a sharp sword and heavy slash. As stands of today, Kinshi is considered one of the most strongest female within Konohagakure, thrice strength, speed and stamina. All considered a waste of ‘true strength’ as she mains in Ninjutsu, despite being weak within Taijutsu or Genjutsu, Kinshi has shown enough skill to overcome Taijutsu user by means of Ninjutsu and physical strength, despite being weak with hand to hand; examples of strength, simply stomp into the ground could cause a break, as many times in a meeting for political reasons, she had became so annoyed with a single man that she tapped her foot repeatedly until her foot broke the floor beneath her—As expectation of her father, Kinshi is a blood-born strategist both battle and politics, however, at the price of her social and people skills.

Nature type: Kinshi is considered to be one of the few Senju and let alone ninja of the leaf, to be primary ‘water release’ and a rare bloodline trait, which happens to be her secondary-primary of ‘Wood Release’—Considered to be rather amazing with both, Kinshi has been seen to casually able to use chakra flow to cause minor control with pre-existence of her elements; moving small amount of water from a lake to a plant or collecting minor bits to drink to even causing seeds, plants or flowers to bloom or grow within her garden or to brighten a room—Even as a means to show the power of both the Senju and the Hidden Leaf village. When it comes to combat, Kinshi is noted for using more ‘Wood release’ than her pure ‘Water release’, holding enough comfort and control to naturally use the ability to control nature to mold, bind or catch opponents off guard. It is true that Wood release is made from both Water and Earth, Kinshi does not normally use Earth release as a means for most combat, however, she does causally mix it within her plans.

Sensory: Like most Shinobi who are a ‘Sensory-type’, which one has their own unique way and Kinshi most surely has her—Channeled through her elements, such as ‘Water release’ and ‘Wood release’, and even seeds used for tracking. Kinshi does not have to use her eyes or see her opponent, person in question, to know. Almost like an extension of herself, to each jutsu she can use, she has the ability to sense through that, thrice ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘see’ on an figuratively speaking—Gaining more skill in this, she has lowly learned to mark levels of chakra she can feel, but due to her inexperience, she can also sense minor life, such as trees, animals and what not, but has gained enough skill to know what is what. Such as, knowing a human from a bear.

Expert Ninjutsu: Powerful and devastating, uniquely gifted in the field of Ninjutsu, she is both considered in expert in usage and planning—Trapping her enemies within plants, drowning them or impaling. Kinshi has also creative planning against odds that stack against her. In a case of combat, her and a unit were being overpowered by a unit of enemies and was forced into a corner—Being on the low and weak in energy; tired. The case was  ‘Kill or be killed’, Kinshi with the combination of ‘Lightning release’, caused the enemy unit to move away by usage of water and than with same usage of water, she bound them within the wooden vein and than order her follow teammate to burn the wooden branches before they break out—Turning the unit into ashes. As terms of power, she can dish powerful and destructive attacks, despite her elements being defined as ‘beautiful’ and ‘elegant’. The most standing out feature, has to be her ability to use ‘wood release’ to impale, bind or rip her enemies apart.

Experienced Taijutsu: One of her lacking points of her training, Kinshi has never really be skilled in usage of Taijutsu, however, where she lacks in this her strength makes up for—When avoiding close combat isn’t possible, Kinshi has shown enough skill to land a devastating push to give space between her and the opponent or throw them away from her. Between her speed, intelligence and strength, Kinshi has enough ability to go decently against a Taijutsu user with her physical strength alone—However, such cases are normally avoided.

Experienced Genjutsu: Not the type to use Genjutsu, Kinshi has formed a base understanding and level of planning that could help her in breaking out of a Genjutsu, such as signs and hints of being under one—Even knowing how to possibly use a Genjutsu to her own planning to fool an opponent.

Strategist Intelligence: Despite her age. Politically, Kinshi is considered one of the most intelligent of her clan, besides that of her father, her political influence being able to sometimes make her own father shake in ‘fear’—When dealing with petty matters or real world issues, Kinshi has found herself dealing with those in ease both creatively and successfully. In the line of combat, her mentality of strategies and ideas really shines, even within the heat of a battle, Kinshi has shown to make some last second changes to a fray that truly change the battle outcome—By usage of her friends and herself, she makes last minute combos that save everyone’s life and blow the opponents away. Her mentality is normally forced to understand the possibly of a shinobi ally dying, however, she avoids losing any life by factor herself—She understands the price of everyone’s life and even though it’s normal to lose Shinobi, Kinshi has always found herself doing the impossible and saving as many lives as possible.

Many cases have shown her not only counting her own abilities, but the abilities of her allies, despite them being they are completely useless—Being able to lift the morale even against the odds, success as always been told. Even using her own opponents abilities against them, such as Genjutsu, upon being trapped within one, Kinshi has gave off false impressions and thus caused opponents to land in false states of believing they’d won. With her intelligence, she often gets so far into it that she forgets everyone makes mistakes, even herself and normally one with her mind would blame others, Kinshi blames herself to everyone’s mistake. Outside of these standpoints, Kinshi lacks within the ideal of social skills. Being highly smart and advance in thought, she tends to not really be able to connect to others in a friendly way unless that of children, thus she often struggles with making friends despite her honest caring nature.

Speed: In terms of speed, Kinshi is quite fast and fast being defined as a blur running faster than a horse trying to get away from a snake—In reaction, she is able to make last second shift that could change from being dead to a single minor wound. Back in the Genin days, she was known to be too fast for her fellow Genin, as she got most of her speed from trying to play tag with Zeshin, a shinobi only gets faster with time. Doing both track, tag and running games with eachother, he later became the help Kinshi needed to get faster and stronger. Based on physical output, she one of the faster female ninja of the leaf and could happily run circle around most men within the leaf—In a blink of an eye, Kinshi could draw a Kunai and have it at a person’s neck and in another case, could already dodged out of the way of something aimed towards her. By using speed and physical strength alone, she has used this as a means of breaking bones of many shinobi who get in her way.

Stamina: Always hyped, always energetic and always moving, Kinshi has always been a busy bee since day one of learning how to walk and be curious—From throwing out S-rank jutsus to running around the village to do things for her father, she has tremendous energy and chakra. It’s said that Kinshi can go days without sleep or eating within a battle, not tested, Kinshi has gone quite a few days without sleep and still seen doing laps around the village to do things for both elderly and her father. As a child, Kinshi was known to make trips all across the village to take one thing to another place or to simply run back and forth just because she could. Her chakra is known to rival those within her own clan sometimes, specially those of her age.

Advanced Handseals: Where she is wonderful in Ninjutsu, she tends to slip just a bit in chakra control, when it comes to water release, she is known to have beautiful and grave control over it—Her focus being on point. Having her own flaws, she does have enough control and mastery to not slip up with the jutsu she already knows, and tends to get each one perfect. When learning a new jutsu, she tends to make the mistake of placing too little or too much within a single jutsu and sometimes causes massive damage or nothing at all. As a flaw to herself, when Kinshi has become completely emotion or sad, weeds and veins grow around her due to her body releasing chakra—In some case, she can cause minor rain and the ground to turn into mud. In one case, Kinshi had gone so emotional the flowers she kept in her room grew into a forest that her father and Zeshin has to cut through to get to her. In some cases, she can become so happy to the point her chakra causes most things to bloom, as when she is mad or depress, most things tend to ‘die’ or close up. By these deep emotions, she does tend to empty her chakra and sometimes causing her goto sleep.


Databook Nin Tai Gen Int Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
Jōnin 4 2 2 3 5 4 4 3.5 27.5




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