As the prior inheritors fall alongside with their zodiac spirit. Their spiritual presence remains until the next generation of inheritors are born. Upon their maturation the previous generation's spirits appear to them either in the waking world or in a dream, offering them the opportunity to attain a new-found power and offering them the opportunity to become the next generation of the Ōdōtai clan's guardians/protectors.

Upon acceptance, the zodiac spirit exits from the previous inheritor and enters the body of the heir to the power, a tattoo resembling a seal is forged onto a body part of the heir which can be loosened or unsealed for the practitioner to manipulate and utilise if need be.


Ōdōtai Tachikomeru no Jutsu

- The practitioner is engulfed in a cloak of the zodiac spirit, inheriting a trait of the spirit itself

Ōdōtai Meshidasu no Jutsu

- The zodiac spirit is released from the body of its wielder in a chakra-based form of itself and is capable of fighting alongside its host.