The Ittoryu (One Sword Style) Is a fighting style derived off the unorthodox sword fighting of Keldran Fuma. Normally he only uses his lighter black steel sword a katana (Not given a name currently.) to use this style of sword fighting but in dire situations he uses his black clay-more. (Not given a name currently.) To deal more devastating and deadly blows against his opponents. The style isn't all about how he handles the sword but it is also about the techniques he created and came up with that only require using a single sword. But his Kenjutsu combat style in this mode is a noteworthy swapping of the sword from a one handed to two-handed grip or one hand from another. Also depending on wither more speed is needed or more power. He can also enter a fairly weird method which he turned the blade and holds it backwards to the opponent in front of him and etc. This is his main form of Kenjutsu and is well known for.

Users: Keldran Fuma

Classification: Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Swordplay

Class: Offensive, Defensive

Range: Short-Range

List of Ittoryu Techniques: (In the works)


Ittoryu:Wareme Supuritto

Ittoryu:Goremuu Indomiru