Fire Release: Fire Chakra Armour
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ClassificationNinjutsu, Chakra Flow
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RangeShort Range
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Jutsu Effects

This technique surrounds the user in fire, making the user close to immune to all sources of external heat while attempting to burn anyone who comes within a 1ft radius of the flames; the heat getting more intense if one were to actually make contact with the flames, growing hotter the closer one gets to the user. When use by a skilled enough practitioner, the flames can grow out several yards in size and aim to spread the aforementioned effect. Water counteracts this technique, but by feeding more chakra into the flames produced by this technique they can become hot enough to evaporate water; turning said water into steam, the heat of which the user is immune to thanks to the fire armour.

(Kage level Shinobi only) When the second Hokage is seen taking this technique a step further by investing a large amount of his immense chakra pool, two bird-like wings of flames grow from his back; spanning over 5 yards from tip to tip. These wings can be used for high speed aerial travel and they’re also useful for defensive purposes.


  • AoE Damage
  • Allows the user to safely fight amidst his/her own fire techniques


  • Constantly drains chakra, a lot when powered up.
  • Can be counteracted with water, forcing the user the invest more chakra.
  • Doesn't offer a boost in any physical aspects except for flight which is possible for Kage Level Shinobi only.

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