Ded Lee
Ded Lee (Chunin)
Basic Information
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BirthdayMarch the 16th
Weight162 lbs
Personal Information
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Konohagakure Konohagakure

TeamTeam Kinshi - Former
Shinobi RankChunin
ClassificationMedical Nin
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Chūnin Prom. Age14
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Adopted Father: Marshal Lee
Nature Type
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Unique Traits
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Kunai (cost 2 points each): 2 (4 points used)

Shuriken (cost 1.5 points each): 10 (15 points used)

Senbon (cost 1 points each):

Makibishi (cost 0.5 points each):

Smoke Bomb (cost 3 points each): 2 (6 points used)

Paper Bomb (cost 4 points each): 2 (8 points used)

Blood Increasing Pill (cost 3 points each): 4 (12 points used)

Katana (cost 5 points each): 1 (5 points used)

Total: 50/50

Ded Lee is a Chunin of Konohagakure, a mere young man in the Shinobi life. He has risked his life already in order to protect his friends, fellow ninja and village. He's a determined and odd person in the way he acts sometimes, though..a past lingers behind him that almost nobody knows about.

Theme Song

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Background Information

Birth of the Unknown and Growth of the Known!

Ded was born into an unknown family within Konohagakure which he was then delivered to an orphanage that same night while his real parents made their way out of the village or so it seemed.

A few years passing from his birth, Ded was three years old and was learning many different things by now and could do some things even other children couldn't do, at least the ones around him. Two more years passing by, a shinobi of the leaf named Marshal Lee ended up crossing the orphanage's playground which is where Ded and Marshal met for the first time due to Ded kicking a ball over the fence on accident since he was too close to it. Marshal returned it to him with a conservation starting up between them. He wasn't a known shinobi however, he had heart and a smile that could pierce mountains. Not even a week later and Marshal began to visit Ded more and more. At this point, the child didn't even have a name still and was known as "D" amongst the other children. A few months passing from that very moment, Marshal ended up adopting Ded and with that, he made a joke of naming this child Ded due to the last name Lee, being given to him. Finalizing it all, the two were now father and son, of course adopted.

Two years passing with Ded being seven years of age, he was showing interest in Marshal's training that he would endure multiple times a day and also began to take in his personality traits. It wasn't soon enough where Ded ended up training with Marshal, day in and day out when they had nothing to do. A year later, Ded was signed up for the academy where he would spend the next couple of years learning about the shinobi style and everything that he'd need to know to become a successful one. Though, for some odd reason, he showed no true capability to do any ninjutsu or genjutsu within it when the rest of the students practiced what was taught. As a result of this before Marshal found out that Ded just couldn't do it, Ded was given a punishment to do multiple different exercises in a row and if he failed a single step of it, he'd have to restart until he did it all. By the time Marshal had found out, Ded was punishing himself for wanting to be a shinobi however, not being able to do those two things even though, he was becoming stronger and stronger for his age in not only strength, speed and stamina but also taijutsu. Riding along for the next three years and Ded now eleven, it was just another day in Konoha as it seemed, Marshal seemed to be fine and so did everyone else. Though, at a point and time during his school hours where the children were taken outside to spar one another and other training routines, Ded ended up seeing something from the corner of his eye towards the forest that wasn't too far from the academy grounds. Wondering what it even was since he couldn't make it out, he snuck out of school and essentially got into the forest just to see a ninja from another village however, he had a slash across his headband. This man was holding Marshal by his throat against a tree wickedly. The mere cries of help coming from Marshal through his gasping breaths were barely even heard and he eve struggled, attempting to push him off of him however, this shinobi wasn't your typical skinny one, he was large with monster sized hands and had a club attached to his back. After a bit of time, Marshal finally got out of it and was about to scream but when he turned around, he saw Ded standing there, leaning around a tree, just watching. Marshal's eyes widened with shock as he let out a single tear and gave Ded one last smile as his lips went to speak out but just then, the big guy's club smashed against Marshal's head, having his skull dent in and blood begin to pour out, right in front of Ded with no warning. Blood splattered against the tree and some got on Ded's face from what was around the tree and Ded's eyes went into a dead-like state. What he witnessed was the only person that he knew cared for him, be killed right in front of him, on the grounds of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Right then after a few moments of taking it all in, Ded began to scream in panic and cries as the large man looked to him and multiple Leaf Shinobi ran towards the forest. Moving Ded away, they finally ended up subduing the male however, it was with lethal aggression, resulting in him being killed.

Starting from there, there was a horrid mental disability scattered onto him which was multiple personality disorder, which gave him a more lazy and sadistic side which wasn't what he got from his adopted father. Within the next few years, Ded kept going on with his rigorous and even pushed himself harder than before because he couldn't save his father, which made him feel like a failure. Graduation was coming up not too long after his birthday, the third one he has spent alone and he was up for his testing. Failing in bother ninjutsu and genjutsu though, passing in taijutsu with flying colors, he was a questionable student to be considered ready for the shinobi world with only taijutsu by his side. After some time before the ceremony, they allowed him to push on with his classmates due to how hard they knew he trained, what had happened to his father in the village and because his first sensei had absolute faith in him, especially after failing two times thus far at that point. Given his band with the Konoha symbol on it and marking his first day as a Genin for the next day, he felt alive yet he knew something was missing, considering everyone else that had parents and/or siblings had their family at the graduation.

Path of the Learning Shinobi!

From the starting of his true Genin life, Ded seemed to be having a decent enough time, especially after he met his squad leader, Kinshi Senju and teammates, Lil B and Keldran Fuma. It was pretty nice finally meeting people that he could bond with such as these three. It wasn't long until he became slightly close to all three of them, while with each one of them, it seemed there was a different connection to. With Keldran, it was just them knowing each other from the academy about two or so years before Ded even graduated, with B it was the absolute love for taijutsu which held some mysteries of its own with B taking Ded to Gung-Zu forest to meet Kiju-Sensei where Ded became the Fist of Darkness, as well as was met with a true obstacle in his way in the temple which was the darkness inside of him that he accepted to become. Then there was Kinshi and if anything could be said, it was that Ded was the first one, at least to what he knew, that attempted to help her with her views of herself and how she should live. Ded saw Kinshi as a beautiful being whom only lived how she was told instead of how she wanted to which on revealed a different side of Ded that talked to her about those issues and that she should live with her own wants and needs instead of someone else's.

It wasn't long from then when the Chunin Exams came into sight, the entire village gathered around to see these fights. Not much could be said for Ded's first fight of Pool 2 since his opponent from Kirigakure did not show up as he/she was supposed to. From there, he watched numerous fights with different people coming out on top of others, proving their worth to the village they strived to protect. It came down to Kaylee Kedoin vs Ded Lee at the end of Pool 2 to find out who would become a Chunin from that point forward. It was a decent fight to say the least, Kaylee keeping on the mark of ninjutsu however, failing to see Ded's plan the entire time which was to exhaust her. With the final kick coming into view that slammed against her ribs, breaking some and also puncturing her lung with it, which won him the fight due to her being out cold. Walking away from the fight as if nothing happened from there, only a bit more time would pass until it came to his very first mission.


For Konoha, this was a big mission. It was brought to the attention of masked shinobi that were indeed rogues overall had been kidnapping children from Konohagakure. There was four different teams that were to be settled upon the usage of. Team Black, Team Red, Team Yellow and Team Blue. Seeing the list of who was on Team Blue at the time, Ded had seen Keldran, one of his friends and his teammate from Team Kinshi and decided to join it to only grow closer to his teammate since usually the people that are put onto squads together under a Sensei, tend to have close friendships. The morning of the big mission and it wasn't that nice looking out, the rain soaked the ground and many people were still in their homes from the storm but Ded didn't mind and pushed himself forth to only meet up with the team he chose, which was Team Blue! After he got there, it seemed her was the first or second but if anything, he was the last Genin to come to the little area while he saw Keldran, Lil B and Ieyasu there. Ded knew all three from some way and from there, it was off to the races to start their route of the big mission!

As they grew closer and closer to where they were sent to go, Team Blue took a bit to check if they had everything with them and they indeed did. going into the castle-like structure which is where they were met with a closing door that was in no way able to  be opened and close to no light. Going down the path put in front of them, there was only a rumble that erupted from two large, mutant trolls that were in the ready to kill. From there, the Jounin in charge of the team ran towards the one that was already running towards the group and distracted it. Keldran was the first to react to the long ranged troll that tossed a rock at them and sliced it right in half, something you'd see out of a book or something! Keldran, B and Ded all ran towards the troll, B being the first to go in for the action, jumping off of Keldran's shoulder in a quick motion, he went soaring through the air in attempt to kick the ugly being in the face while Ded was going forth to put paper bombs on since they had to have done something. Keldran on the other hand was already in the midst of saving Ded's life with a flying fuma shuriken while he ony went for a slice to the beasts upper body while Ded used transformation technique, transforming into it and going to the side as he came back to his normal body and then threw the shuriken with a bomb tag on it towards the back of the troll's neck, double tapping it after Keldran had already killed it and B was freed from the grasp of such a beast. Helping B up and running with him, as the ceiling was already falling down. With them getting to a certain distance down the hall, Ded and B would look back to Keldran only to see Ieyasu and Ari coming their way however, Ieyasu was a bit behind and it seemed like he was going to have to be left behind until Keldran used his earth release to create a bridge for the Akimichi as they then started running towards the rest. The safe zone from the falling rock was just ahead however, Keldran and Ieyasu were a bit behind still. A rock being caught by Ieyasu while Keldran fell unconcious from his chakra usage while Ded and B helped Keldran out and got to the safe zone with Ieyasu with them. As they took a little breather with this purple lake being seen, there was one way across and it was the only way to go. From there, Keldran jumped up from his state as they all crossed the liquid by hopping on rocks that were floating on the surface and got to the door that was shown to them.

The door had five markings for a right hand on it, they each placed their hand into the keyhole as a bright light shined through. From there, the smell of death and decay shot out the large room in a quick way straight towards them as there was a door to the left and a door to the right. The group decision, or rather the leader's was to go the left which once the door was opened, it should've automatically been closed by what was seen which was A FUCKING DRAGON! The fire spewed out of its mouth at the team while everyone else moved from the way except for the hyped up Keldran that only swiped the flames away that was coming at them. Watching Keldran taking the dragon head on while Ded on the other hand began to walk away from the rest to the other door that had eye engraved into the door which seemingly held an dd cripple inside that offered some form of surgery. From there, the battle raged on from Keldran and the Dragon while Ari and B were over with him and Ded actually thought about accepting the man's offer but didn't want to do it since he didn't know him at all. From there, the fight was carried elsewhere from Keldran as then a bit later, Keldran came in and completely destroyed the old man in almost an instant while taking his head and then passed out into a coma. B and Ded were helping him as much as possible while a stairway climbed up from the purple water while it lead rather high. Carrying Keldran up the stairs with both of his swords, Keldran himself and his weights that were on his ankles and forearms, he pushed himself forward. As they reached the top of the stairs, they were met with Team Yellow. It was then that Ded actually had to take his first break over this entire thing so far while he put Keldran down and took his own weights off as after a bit, he picked Keldran back up and moved forward towards the door in front of them that was the obvious way to move on. Team Blue except for Ari were moving on until they were met with the tile that Ded and B stood on would sink a bit, activating the locks on the other side of the door to only have it open as Ded only jumped back and quickly changed his mind to going back downstairs after he looked to Keldran's comatosed face.

The surgery room! It had to have some sort of medical tools and such in it which would be best to try and fix Keldran up to make sure he survived. Running down the stairs quickly with B and Kaylee following him, Ded ran straight into the surgery room where the old cripple was absolutely destroyed by Keldran, only to lay him down on one of the tables as he unhooked Keldran's swords from his body and put them to the side as he rushed around and got bandages as well as other things that could be used for a blood transfusion. Cleaning him up first with what Ded thought was water but turned out to be sake which cleaned the wounds further, killing any infections while he bandaged him up and then began the process of the blood transfusion between them, only hoping for the best that they had the same blood type because if not it wouldn't have worked. A needle in both of their arms with tubes attached to both sides and the crimson juice from Ded's body flowing through them and into Keldran's body, it seemed his body was reacting rather nicely to it which meant their blood was the same type. After not too long, Ded was getting a bit dizzy as he knew he was giving his own life force to Keldran to make sure he lived. After a bit, the process was good enough and after Ded took out the needle from their arms, Keldran had woken up. The factor that Ded was able to help someone live after all they've done when Ded himself didn't do a lot until just now. Ordering Kaylee to go into the cabinet close to them and fill up two syringes with adrenaline, she did just that and gave them to Ded while he placed one syringe in Keldran's pouch and only heard him thank everyone which made something in Ded's heart give a slight pump of emotion but it wasn't too long until B gave them both protien bars that he found in the room and they both munched down quickly on them and began their way back up to yellow route. Following Keldran closely, they finally made it up and it was good to see that everything was taken care of while Ari was cutting the throats of bats to end their suffering.

From there, Keldran said that he was taken Ded and Ieyasu as well as whoever else wanted to come with down one way while the others should go the other. Traveling down the long staircase, Ded had become intoxicated since before they left the surgery room he finished off the sake that he thought was water. Hiccuping throughout the darkness, the staircase suddenly moved out of nowhere while they all came across some weird different world screen or so it seeed like that, meaning it was a genjutsu. Though, Ded was drunk and didn't know right from left as they walked in, at first it was just Keldran, Ieyasu and Ded while he noticed a crying Yasu Hatake that was with Keldran in a warm embrace and it took a minute for Ded to notice why the crying was even coming from the child as he looked to see the blood of their fellow shinobi as Ded hugged Keldran and Yasu both, beginning to cry in his drunk state, he then gave Yasu the nickname of Eyepatch since she had an eyepatch on when he saw her. Pulling away from there, he yanked Ieyasu back only to then get a death threat which Ded had fallen asleep in the middle of as he was then woken up rudely by Keldran shaking him with fury. As he woke up, the team of Genin of Ded, Keldran, Ieyasu, Yasu, Yuki and Kaylee all joined hands as they combined their efforts, their chakra, their hearts and their emotions into one as a bright light began to shroud in the middle of their circle and exploded out, causing the shine to blind a bit while they broke out of that forsaken, cursed Kurama genjutsu that was like hell on earth and could have been their death if they stayed in there, it was a risk to even start such a thing however, it worked out and they all began to run down the corridor they now appeared in with two full metal enemies appearing from these paintings. It was odd but it only caused Keldran, Ieyasu and Ded to be the first responders. Letting the two take the ugly humanoid rhino guy, Ded took on the large metal, two headed lion with snake tongues. Taking a chakra pill that he drunkily took two earlier when offered to him, he put them in his pouch and now was taking one which only had his 100% chakra go over that and explode out.

From there, Ded only heard Keldran call out to him to switch swords while he ran back towards him and tossed his claymore to him, only to catch his katana as he turned to the metal beast and ran towards him. Still slightly drunk at that point, Ded slid on the ground to cut off the fuck's front leg which stopped its motion, forcing it to slam in the ground however, in the process, he fractured Keldran's black steel katana. From there, with the help of a specific Genin by the name Yuki Odotai, she finished off the lion while when Ded was just about to stand up, he looked back to Keldran and Ieyasu as he noticed Keldran getting stabbed in the shoulder while from that moment, Ded entered a blind rage from the thought of losing one of the people he looks to as a close friend, which from there, his chakra already soaring, Ded would burst open the first gate from the emotional damage that was just put on him while he rushed forth to Keldran whom already handled the fuck. Both of them bursting through the door that was in front of them at that point, Ded and Keldran were met with the leader of the whole thing or what seemed as such. From there, it was game on, Ded shoved his last chakra pill into his mouth and stabbed himself right in the heart with the syringe of adrenaline, emptying it all as he entered a different form, his black chakra swormed his entire body and engulfed him, his speed faster than it ever was while he was moving so fast that he left a chakra trail behind him. He rushed directly for the last guy as he went to punch him but was sent back into a wall as he threw some shuriken aiming at the man and some in the air as he pushed himself off the wall going right back in for the attack as he was so close to getting it but was shot back into the wall once again while Kei Uchiha came in and had already seen enough to notice what was going on as he informed Keldran and Ded both while he went in for his own attack to create an opening. From there, Keldran and Ded both acted on such a thing, Keldran from behind with his claymore, stabbing him through the back with a downward slash as Ded came from the front with a slice to the neck, taking the man's head clean off with Keldran's black steel katana however, at the expense of shattering the sword completely. As it all came to an end, Ded and Keldran both fell to the ground in a paralyzed form, without being able to move however, Ded was able to feel all the pain from his muscles being torn since he wasn't completely out. Everything around them, the entire place they were in vanished and they were all back on the solid ground and Ded went unconcious from the pain. 

The Aftermath of Bravery!

Ded was set up in the hospital with Keldran due to how much they went through for one mission and it gave Ded time to reflect on everything even while he was unconcious from the multiple medications. Not much could be said about the entire thing other than laying around, he found out that Kinshi was going to be going to the mountains which Ded confronted her with his own reasoning for wanting to go and it was for him to learn Ninjutsu and to control his chakra beyond a farther point. The other reasons he didn't bring up was because he didn't want to feel completely useless and watch his friends being hurt, he wanted to do something and as for the other was to spend his time with Kinshi or rather..Yurara.


Year and a Half Time-Skip

It was a good experience to have, especially with Kinshi since she had agreed to aid Ded lee in ninjutsu, without getting clearance with her father or the life within the mountains. For a good year, Kinshi trained for ‘wood release’ along with helping Ded Lee with his ‘fire release’—Along with improving their relationship for the time they were up there. To the dismay of wildlife within the forest, Ded Lee was unable to go within the cave that led to a deeper part of the forest, within the center of the mountains—Greeted by Sei, the spirit animal of Kinshi whom is familiar with ‘life’ and commonly related to that of ‘life’, Sei forced Ded Lee to sleep near the cave for a week until Kinshi sweet talked the spirit into allowing him within the forest. After this week, Kinshi showed Ded lee the things she learned awhile she was here, along with telling him about the crystals and flowers around them—As well helping him learn about his first element.

Within time, Ded found a katana laying about in the mountains which had no sheath and was a bit dull but it could've done the work for training in kenjutsu which is what he did for the time being from what he remembered and when he wandered off, he found a few beings amongst the trees that he was able to talk them into teaching him some things. Kinshi focused more on helping Ded Lee and due to her not having his element, they ventured around the forest to find a life force, or a spirit animal that had the ability to teach Ded Lee about fire but it was to no use since there was nothing to really teach him, at least yet.

Within a few months, the hardwork between the two started to show, however, Ded Lee kinda burned down some of the forest—Which was later repaired by Kinshi, and the efforts of Sei. Expecing a scolding, Ded Lee feared for his life, but was greeted by Sei’s wise words and told him that things happened, for his inexperience and not meaning to cause such a mistake, this later being used as a lesson of what happens when someone is careless—Due this event, Kinshi had lightly avoided Ded Lee awhile trying to repair the forest. Later found by him, he offered to help and unable to stay mad, along with Sei’s influence, Ded lee and Kinshi planted a tree together and she gave him a lesson about how her Wood release works with her—This also caused Kinshi to share a kiss with Ded Lee, which caused other events to unfold. He even found out, that day tomorrow is her birthday, but she didn’t see the point of them anymore—In which, she’d be eighteen, and on the day of her birth, that day became special to her due to the attempts of Ded Lee.

Kinshi however, was called back to Konoha while Ded said that he'd stay back in the mountains and come back to Konoha soon. With that, he was alone and even Sei left more than likely because Kinshi hadn't been around. He hunted his own food and survived on his own, which made him mature quite a bit and then, as he pondered on a bit, Sei came out once again and began to speak to Ded about his past which Sei learned that Ded felt useless back when Keldran was out cold and injured. From there, Sei taught Ded how to control his chakra enough and taught him Mystical Palm Technique. Though, after he learned it, he was left alone with only a hint to go to the tree him and Kinshi had planted. As Ded was curious, he made his way to the tree and remembered what Kinshi had told him about her wood release as he only placed his palm on the tree and began to transfer his chakra into it. Day and night he did such a thing when he wasn't training and got some rest until one night as he was sleeping next to the tree since he passed out, a being was born from the tree..from his chakra in a sort of speak and as the lunar beams shimmered through the leaves, Ded was woken up by a groan of boredom followed by a "WAKE UP, KID!" Which Ded arose to such to see a figure like Sei however, he was darker in color with blue along him as well as some deep red. A rather angry look filled his face while his fangs were shown, his long tail trailing behind him when he walked while he even said enough to him that his name was Shi whom is commonly related to as 'death'. The two weren't that well together however, the beast was able to teach Ded his fire release and how to control it while Ded himself even began to form his own jutsu through his time as well as growing his slight bond with the spirit animal closer. Three days before Ded was to set off back to Konoha, Sei and Shi had finally met when Sei came out to check upon Ded due to Kinshi but not ordered by her. Each day leading up to his last, he was brought different items of attire by Sei. A long brown coat with the sleeves cut off that had a light pink symbol on that back that Ded didn't know about as well as a set of all black clothing which was the main course of his outfit, the shirt actually extended up to where it covered his chin and his neck while it had no sleeves, pants and sandals were also in the mix. The second day, he was brought a happuri that had the Konoha symbol engraved into it as well as a sode and a pair of silver gauntlets that had black cloth layering the inside which gave him gloves as well. On the last day while he was gathering everything, he looked over to where Sei had been coming from the last couple of days however, didn't see the spirit animal however, as he was about to leave, he went to the tree Kinshi and himself had made while Shi was laying in front of it, fast asleep and Ded merely walked over to him and knelt down as he stuck his hand out with his new clothing on and said "It was a pleasure to meet you, Shi. I hope to see you soon." while his hand gently ran along the beast's head. Petting him a bit, Ded stood up and began to walk away while he heard the animal roar out at him saying "OI!" With Ded turning around, he saw the beast standing up as if it was never asleep with a black sheathed katana in its mouth, a gold lazo dangling from the sheath itself while the handle was a mix of white and black and the pommel as well as the guard were gold as well. Dangling about though near where the sword was to be unsheathed, was three dice that hung on from the sword and if it was opened, the threads were cut and the dice would fall to the ground. Shi said while Ded took the sword "Don't open it here because I ain't got the string to get those dice back on there. Don't lose my lucky dice though, kid! If you do, I'll gut ye'." He chuckled to Ded while the young man nodded to him and said "Of course, m'friend." while Shi said while motioning his head "Now get back to your village." From that point on, Ded was on his way back to the village, walking through the mountains and making his way back. Depending on how fast he walked, it could take him a while but he wanted to enjoy the scenes of which he could until he would go back to the life of a Shinobi. His blue hair flowing in the wind with his coat and lazo, the dice clanking together as Ded was a new person in itself and he was ready to see everyone back in Konoha.

Ded Returns to the Village!

As Ded returned to the village on the day of the annual festival that was held from the people, he met up with Kinshi and as well ended up meeting the infamous Hitomi and even Seika Sarutobi, a Jonin of the Leaf. With his time of being back for only a few hours, he spent it happily, enjoying the music and everything that was around. That was until some things happened about Keldran challenging the Hokage or something and Kinshi didn't agree with it which is what drove her away from Ded in the little area of privacy they were in and took Ded with her. After a bit, Kinshi ended up being disowned by the Hokage, her father and that was the last time Ded got to see Kinshi.

A New Friend

Not too long after Kinshi's little disappearing act, Ded ended up drinking himself multiple times and in multiple places. As he did so, there was a night at which he went out only to get more sake at a local pub he bought some from, just to get plastered some more. As he was on his way into the woods and found a little shack, he only sat down and drank while out of nowhere, someone ended up coming into contact with him in which he tried to throw shuriken at in a drunken state. It was then when he met Ikime Nara and only ended up beating him quickly as Ded and him even ended up having a heart to heart, allowing Ded to become his Sensei for a tiny bit of time until he was assigned to a true team.

Another Leaf Falls From The Tree of Konoha

At some late time, Ded and multiple others were called to the courtyard near the Hokage office. Ded responding right away, he forced himself through and got there only to end up finding out five minutes after his arrival that him and the others gathered were meant to make their way to Sunagakure. Each of them were given a team and even for the time being, Ded was assigned as temporary Jonin and was given a squad of his own for this mission involving Aki Inuzuka, Yasu Hatake and Lilly Inuzuka. As Team Ded was the last to leave on horseback, they were the rear guard and upon a three hour travel from Konoha to Suna on horses, they finally made it. Ded had heard what the colors of the flares meant and only then charged right into the battle by forcing his horse through the sand and surfing it until he jumped off, into the village, doing his best to kill ten enemies just in that amount of time of him arriving.

With him continuing his stride through the village which he was keeping in mind to go towards the middle of everything however, he got sidetracked with a swordsman that appeared from a corner which Ded took straight on but it seemed he dodged everything Ded threw at him. Though, it was all a trap as multiple other men came out from the shadows, showing themselves. Ded knew from that sight, this would probably be his last seconds or so of living but he wasn't going down without taking them down with him. Pushing himself beyond extent, it was then when everything happened. Killing each man as fast and effectively as he could but in the end, he set himself up for failure as he was impaled and stabbed multiple times but still fought back, killing the last three that did so. Giving a final smile to his life and what he did, he knew nobody was more than likely there to see him, he still hoped he did everyone proud. The last thoughts he had before going was just that and everyone he cared for.

Personality & Behavior

Under Marshal's training from an early age, Ded has acquired a number of his father's personality traits: he is energetic, optimistic, and hot-blooded, and shows the epitome of a "nice guy". He believes that one cannot dislike food and shows strong dedication to his promises; when this promise is broken, just barely, he assigns himself arduous training to prevent it from happening again. Ded speaks respectfully to others, never using contractions or swear words. However, due to the dark past behind his adopted father, he has split personality disorder which generally tends to randomly show, whether it be in battle or just everyday life. This other half of Ded tends to have him be more lazy-like, cold and doesn't know how to hold back on his words or actions. When fighting regularly, Ded is a very honorable fighting and respects his opponent(s). He tends to give his all no matter what and his will power makes him strive to win, even if on the brink of death, he'd fight until his last breath has been drawn. The more cold side of Ded when fighting tends to be sadistic, wanting to cause as much pain as possible without killing them. He loves to toy with his prey at this point and is a bloodthirsty fighter. Depending on which side shows at a given moment can decide on how his attack patterns change.

Followed by the time skip after Arc 1 had finished, Ded has become more mature than before however, still carries some of his childish intent in him or his joking manner when needed but he can turn serious in the snap of a finger. He is more determined and tends to hold an almost lazy attitude. His split personality disorder seems as though both sides combined into one which gives him the factor of both however, when push comes to shove, he's the heartless beast he must and when you get down to the basics of his normal life, he's pretty much the same, as if nothing had changed. Though, that doesn't mean he hasn't changed in more aspects, since the time at Gung-Zu forest with B and he accepted the darkness, Ded is a bit..colder than before but still holds the same amount of care for others as he always would. For the people he knows, he'd throw himself in front of them in order to protect them, whether it meant life or death unless he knows that there's no reason to for the factor the person may just be fodder. All in all, he hasn't changed too much other than when his fighting spirit comes and some of his normal life which depending on what's going on, he can be emotionless or filled with glee.


Ded has long blue hair that is usually pulled up in a ponytail and has yellow eyes. His skin is tanned from being out in the sun for a long amount of time. He has multiple scars covering his knuckles on both his hands and feet. When looked at his body, he may not weigh a lot however, the look of his body is built up and purely muscular from the intense and constant training. Around his ankles if looked closely could be seen that he wears forearm and ankle weights. There's also a diagonal slash down his right shoulder blade which had dark blue baby feathers coming from it that has light white colored tips. (Wing grows over time)

Followed by the time skip after Arc 1 had finished, Ded's blue hair had been cut and his skin happened to lighten up a bit from being out of the sunshine and ended up letting himself go with puberty hitting which forced him to grow a light amount of facial hair, the start of a beard and mustache. His height had grown and his body mass had grown a bit but not much. He also now has a black inked dragon tattoo on his left arm. The wing on his back that would keep growing, he'd cut it off to have it begin its growing process once again. As well, he now has three red marks along his face, one on each side of his face, running along his cheek bones and one running down the middle of his chin. As well as during his time back in Konoha, he received a silver chained necklace which has a red tinted stone with the kanji for "Bravery" on it.


Taijutsu - Good, Ded had began to learn Taijutsu at a young age and also, as he goes on, his skill within it could only go through with the attempt at hand to hand when needed or with close range weapons however, he doesn't use any other than possibly kunai.

Stamina - Great, He trains vigorously day in and day out which only keeps his stamina levels pretty good which allows him to go farther with his skills and stay in the fight longer.

Strength - Great, Ded's strength level is common to allow him to hold hand to hand combat easily however, it still doesn't mean that he can go up against an elite shinobi or kunoichi with more strength than him.

Speed - Great, Ded's speed comes from his old regiment of pure physical training as well as his progressed training that he keeps going through, when possible of course, so it allows him to keep up with fast movements and could even react faster than usual

Ninjutsu - Great, With his time in the mountains, he was taught how to utilize his chakra as well as ninjutsu which gave him great perception above and let him start on his ninjutsu skills which grew rather quickly with hard training and constant usage until he came to contact with it.

Kenjutsu - Though not an extremely skilled swordsman or even close to it, he has been developing his skills in kenjutsu during the time away from the village and plans to push himself to learn further.

Mission/Arc items


Databook Nin Tai Gen Int Strength Speed Stamina Hand Seals Total
Chunin 3.5 3 1 1.5 3 3 3 2 20







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