Chakra Enhanced Roar
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A technique discovered by Ryouta in a moment of overwhelming instinct after his first utilisation of his Zodiac spirit's cloak. In summary, a roar infused with chakra, pushed outwards in the form of a destructive burst of sound launched at the intended target.

Jutsu History

A situation arose within Iwagakure, a foreign Shinobi stepped into the village, practically tearing through the poor defense offered against him. Though with determination, a Genin fought bravely against the foe, initiating his Kekkei Genkai from the beginning of the battle and as if on instinct, he released a devastating roar, pushing forward with enough force to lay waste that which lay before it. Now coming to an understanding of applying it in combat, the Genin is now capable to utilise it at will. In order to utilise said technique, the Genin, descended from the Ōdōtai clan, required the utilisation of his Kekkei Genkai followed by the accumulation of his chakra into his mouth before filtering a roar through his Zodiac spirit and unleashing the roar of destructive proportion.

Jutsu Effects

The technique unleashes a roar with enough force to physically impact anyone or anything that may or may not come into contact with the sheer force of it.


- Offensive and Defensive capabilities

- No hand seals required

- Efficiently launched


- Increased stamina consumption

- Chakra consumption

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