Blood Style; Ketsueki Supaiku
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Jutsu History

Jeiayaka may have been crazy, but there was one point in time where she was not. It was at this time that she had created jutsu to benefit her clan in times of darkness; more specifically, a jutsu based on trapping people.

This jutsu was meant to be the first step to creating Jeiayaka's Blood Cage jutsu, but the jutsu itself was never completed because of her sudden madness. Although it had been intended to be greater than what it was, it still achieved its purpose, having been helping Genins for years.

Jutsu Effects

To use this technique, the user must injure themselves and smear blood across a specific location such as a tree, or even on an opponent, in the shape of a cross. When preparations have been made, the user can form the correct handsigns at which spikes of blood grow out of the prepared area as if it were a spike trap made of numerous senbon (Dozens up to hundreds based on rank and expertise.). If blood is smeared onto an enemy, the spikes first grow out like normal before curving inward to aim and stab the opponent.

With greater amounts of blood, the spikes can be thicker. This trap is static; once placed, you cannot move it.


  • A good trap to remove the use of someone's limb. When smeared onto an opponent it can also succesfully render a swordarm unusuable or barely so.


  • Only static; can be hard to lead an enemy into the trap if too obvious.

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