Blood Style; Ketsueki Kurōn
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Jutsu History

Blood Clone was created recently by Tayagane. It is the only jutsu she has created, as of this date.

She had the idea when she fought someone with the water nature and how they used a clone to fight her.

Jutsu Effects

A physical clone made of blood, only few can be made at a time due to the massive amount of blood required to use it. Has no chakra network. It forms its own skin and internal organs with its blood cells at an amazingly fast rate. Is easily destroyed when the owner decides to implode it, but otherwise, it is like fighting another enemy. The clone can reform and is extremely mobile as it does not have a skeleton. A way of transport is simply turning to blood and moving around as such. If an artery is hit, it must reform to repair it. During this time it will be immobile. When it hardens its skin, it becomes more durable than other clones. The more blood that it loses, the weaker and smaller it gets; if too much blood spills from its wounds, it won't be able to reform.


  • More durable and reform-able than other clones.Stronger defenses.
  • Can reform itself by producing more blood.
  • Can supply blood to user.


  • Only one or a few can be created.
  • The Clone will be immobile for a while if one of the blood-producing arteries is hit.
  • The Clone gets weaker with the more blood it loses.

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