Welcome to RoS, Rebirth of Shinobi! This is a T-1 role-play from imvu based on Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto. This role-play occurs in a separate, yet similar timeline to that of the Naruto series. This means that while things such as the Hidden Leaf Village or Rasengan do exist, the people who inhabit those places or made those techniques do not exist themselves. This opens up new and exciting opportunities for everyone who joins us, as they are able to make their own original creations and set out on their own adventures. If you'd like to join this role-play all you need to do is follow the list of important pages below, add your signature to show you understand the rules of the group, and then make your own original character!

Important Pages

Tier One

These are the guidelines and rules of role-play. Please add your signature in the comments below!

Power Score

This is the attribute system that RoS runs on. It is important to read this page, as you'll be using the Power Score system throughout your time in this RP.

Rank Info

This is a page explaining all of the ranks within a hidden village, as well as the starting traits your characters will have.

Hidden Leaf Clans

This is a page of all the clans that exist in the Hidden Leaf, as well as their traits that characters can possess.

Limited Jutsu

This is a list of all the custom-ranked jutsu in RoS, as well as guidelines and bans on other jutsu.

How to Get Started

A guide on character creation, once you have finished reading all of the important pages!

RoS Graveyard

A list of the fallen who paid the ultimate price for our freedom!

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