Ōdōtai Tachikomeru no Jutsu
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Ōdōtai Tachikomeru no Jutsu, or Zodiac Enveloping Jutsu, unseals the host's Zodiac spirit from the owner's seal. When appearing, the Spirit's chakra grows around the host before shrinking around the host in a shroud representing their Zodiac Spirit animal. These unique shrouds can physically interact with the world , whilst applying unique effects that are derived of, and complimenting their animal form (i.e. The Horse spirit provides the user with immense speed.), However, these effects are known to vary across hosts of different generations.

Jutsu History

After receiving their equal share and their own Zodiac spirit embodiment, the original 12 immediately activated their powers simultaneously by unsealing their respective Zodiac spirits. As if by instinct, these creatures acted as guardians and shrouded their users in unique ways, providing a sense of power or another ability completely. The guardians became accustomed to the new-found power rather quickly, it seemed instinctive and they utilised the power with intimidating prowess as if it were a part of their being for years prior. The jutsu itself comes naturally.

Jutsu Effects

The effects of the jutsu depend on the animal represented by the user's Zodiac spirit. Thus effects vary between Zodiac spirits, but it also has to be noted that said effects might be different per generation; showing that the spirit can adapt to its new host.


- The Jutsu provides the practitioner with a chakra shroud and unique effects, bestowed by the Zodiac


- Large amount of Hand Seals

- Stamina consumption

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